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It is implied in the text that I am familiar with the Tower. That I have taken this journey before. The concept of the surreal journey, leading to self realization and discovery is not a new one. One of my favorite implementations of this is Summit.

Tower treads a similar path. We are placed in the Tower with little or no information about how or why we are there. Memories are revealed through the game, but not enough to ground us in a real protagonist.

What follows is a short choice game. It took me about 30 minutes to brute force my way to the good ending. It is a sequence of set pieces, this game. We proceed through a set of rooms, each of which has an action to undertake and further text to reveal.

Then we are at the endgame, which, to my mind, is what I would class as a somewhat unfair puzzle.

Spoilers ahead.

To access the lift, we are presented with a set of buttons, each of which has a different letter on them: C, T…and so on. Pressing the one correct button leads to the ‘good’ ending – any other, the ‘bad’. I solved it through brute force. Even with the walkthrough I couldn’t quite mesh together the text I’d seen with the text on the buttons.

While I can go back and replay the game, skipping through rooms until I get to the ending, it feels unfair to me. I would not have thought to have recorded all those Capital letters. I won’t say any more, but I do feel that this needs a re-think.

I would be interested to see whether other players completed this game without reading the walkthrough. Without it, I would not have made the connection. 5/10.

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