Stone of Wisdom

cover (29)

So I’ve finally got around to downloading and running ADRIFT. It gives a worrying ‘Uncaught exception’ system error when I run a game, but I ignore it and it seems to go away. I haven’t used ADRIFT before for some reason. I see there are three ADRIFT games in this years comp – two of them with stated gameplay ‘longer than 2 hours’. Eek.

Anyway, on to Stone of Wisdom, which is an old fashioned ‘seek out a treasure’ adventure game. Playing as Bash, a ‘strong warrior’, you are on a quest to find – you’ve guessed it – the Stone of Wisdom. It’s somewhere in some mines. You need to get it back to Queen Drana poste-haste and then she’ll give you your freedom. Why you are not free is left unexplained.

When I start the game I have food and a light (which has an ‘unusually high number of hours of running time’). I have a suspicion that this game is going to have both light and hunger counters – a mechanic I don’t really enjoy. On first glance, this looks like it might be a big map. Please don’t have an inventory limit! If any of these three things are true, I don’t come across them.

One of the issues is that the map is quite big – In the first section of the game, there are 16 rooms, but only 3 of them have anything worthwhile in them. It gets a bit irritating to have to navigate around it.

The game can be put into an unwinable state. But, it does have a command that allows you to turn a warning on and off that warns you when you’ve done something silly. You can then Undo. It feels quite cool, but I guess I’m not sure why. If, as the author, you know something’s gonna make the game unwinnable, then just don’t let the player do it. Anyway.

Overall, I’m quite enjoying this game. It doesn’t do anything special with the genre. It’s just…..a …..well…..a….text adventure. The puzzles are quite nice. It feels nicely written. Er. 6/10?

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