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I like the way this game starts and is structured. On opening, we are in the middle of a conflict situation – we are not sure why we are there, but the first action we are required to take leads into a series of vignettes that eventually put us back to where we started with full knowledge of what’s going on and why, and with a choice to make.

It’s nicely done. I just wish there were more of it.

Pegasus is a very short parser game with a few very light and well telegraphed puzzles. We play as a young soldier, part of a special task force of augmented individuals who have super strength and extraordinary combat skills. And armed with Redline, a pill that makes us superhuman for 30 minutes. Then kills us.

We are partnered with Sarah, whose story we gradually uncover. This act of uncovering a backstory – done through choice based conversation – brings a later choice into sharp relief and I will say that, despite the shortness of the game and the sparseness of the prose, it was successful in emotionally connecting me with the choice I need to make.

I would have been happy to have spent more time with this game. But I play for 30 minutes and reach an ending. Using Undo I explore my alternatives. Sometimes, less is more, but this game needed more. 6/10


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