Let’s Rob a Bank

cover (28)

This is quite fun. I’m a bank robber planning a heist and I need to choose my team. Each of them has different specialties. I can choose between Francis who is a demolitions expert, but has little regard for human life, or maybe Randall, who is willing to make an ass of themselves to divert attention. The make-up of your team will cause things to go well. Or not so well. There is, at least in part, a Reservoir Dogs feel to this game.

I’ve played through this short, branching choice game a dozen or so times now and will say that the number of different stories and outcomes is significant. Impressively, my different choice of team members, doesn’t just lead to different branches of the same story – but the narrative is remade anew each time – most times from the beginning. Except for poor Lucy. I wonder whether the author has a beef with Lucy.

I reach good and bad endings. I guess while I liked the multiple narratives, it’s a shame that I couldn’t really do anything with these people. What would have been enormously cool would be if this game was expanded to allow me to flick between them, actually use the team skills and dynamic to, effectively, ‘solve’ the puzzle of the bank. However, as it is, it feels like each combination of people has a distinct couple of outcomes.

The other things that struck me as a little odd in this game is a kind of tonal dissonance. Now this isn’t a criticism as such, it just felt a little out of place. Most of the branchings are kind of hard-boiled thriller/heist movie – the prose is taut and appropriate. Murder and killing are accepted by the protagonist – indeed, depending on your choices, expected. However, the game occasionally branches off into the surreal. I’m not saying it felt wrong. Just a bit….odd.

I enjoyed this game. It’s short, re-playable and engaging. 7/10.


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