Intermission #2

A note on scoring. I umm’d and aah’d about whether to score the games in the comp and reveal that score at the end of the review.

In the end, though, I thought firstly that that’s what I’d like were I an author in the comp and secondly that I couldn’t think of a reason for not doing it.

I don’t have an equation for scoring. It’s entirely subjective. It’s a reflection of how much I enjoyed the game. That’s not to say I don’t dock marks for poor implementation. I do, but only in the sense that such a thing reduces my enjoyment and immersion in the world the author is presenting.

I don’t give 1’s unless the game is obviously a troll. Toiletworld a couple of years ago would have got a 1 from me. All the games in this comp, even if pretty broken, or super short, have had some love and effort from the author and deserve better than that. I’m also not scoring games that don’t work at all or have a bug very near the start. I will leave them unscored and then if I get time, return to them at the end.

The only game I’ve given a 10 to so far is ‘Alias: the Mapgie’. I really enjoyed it – is it necessarily technically ‘better’ than some other games in the comp? Probably not, but its voice was pitched perfectly into my own personal sweet spot. I hope there are other 10’s to come – from my quick review of some of the other games, I think there might be.

It’s the 23rd now – I may have to start picking and choosing soon. The competition end is looming already. I doubt very much whether I will be able to review every game in the comp. Nor will I be returning to those games I only got part way through in the 2 hours until after the competition – it’s not that I’m not enjoying them, it’s that there are 77 games in this years comp. That’s a lot.

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