Instruction Set

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This game is implemented in Scratch. I haven’t seen this before in this space. There may be other examples, but I’m not aware of them. If, as a developer, you haven’t played with Scratch, you should – as a platform, it’s pretty cool, if not particularly flexible or functional. Kudos to the author for trying this.

The game itself, presented in a small window on the Scratch site, is a sequence of logic puzzles interacted with using a discrete set of text commands on a command line. They range from the relatively simple to the quite difficult. Each puzzle is interspersed with a cut scene – a charming little semi-animated narrative that gives a little more context and rationale to the puzzle solving.

The following may be considered spoilery.

We are a doctor, working with a patient to help them come out from a coma. The puzzles are ways of stimulating the patient’s brain. Gradually, through the course of the game, the patient begins to wake and our command line is interspersed with memories and thoughts of the patient. It’s nicely done.

I liked this game. It’s short, well implemented and the puzzles held my interest. Having played about with Scratch myself, I’ll wager that there was a lot more implementation here than meets the eye. It charmed me. 6/10.


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