Into The Lair

cover (23)

The vampire Viscardi turned you into a thrall! I’m not entirely clear how, but you’ve been turned back. You’re still a vampire, though. Only one thing left to do – find Viscardi and exact your bloody revenge!

What follows is a shortish choice game wherein you explore the dungeon and catacombs of Viscardi, finding all five of his thralls and making decisions on what to do with them. Do you kill them? Turn them? Bite them? Eventually, of course, you want to find Viscardi and kill him.

The game is presented as a maze of sorts. I’ve played through three times now and reached three different endings. I think I got the ‘good’ ending.

It’s all very nicely written – the preamble could do with tightening up maybe – it’s presented as a flashback, but slips in and out of tense forms at will. Also, it’s not entirely clear why I’m still a vampire, or how I’ve been relieved of my thralldom.

But, to be honest, there was a lot more the author could have done with this. I haven’t seen any consequences to what I choose to do with the thralls. Compared to other games in this comp  like Erstwhile, Lux and Forgotten Tavern, this game feels too basic, too simplistic – I would have like to have seen a ‘stat’ – how many thralls have I found/saved – I would have liked my ‘evilness’ to have counted for something. There’s all sorts of cool stuff the author could do with this game.

For what it is, it’s nicely done, but to be really up there in this comp, it needed more. 4/10.



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