Campfire Tales

cover (11)

A short procedurally generated text with minimal interactive elements about a tale told around a campfire. I’ve played through a few times. Each play through took about 5 minutes.

It took a bit of effort to get this game started. I was blowing on my microphone for a while (looking, it has to be said, probably a bit strange. I’m glad I wasn’t in a public place.). Nothing happened until I plugged a headset in and tried that instead.

On each playthru, there are minor changes to the text, but the thrust of the narrative remains the same. There are, it must be said,  some grammatical problems with the procedural text generator “Most people would describe them as the richest person they have ever met.”.

I did like the flickering fire background. It was a nice touch. However, the procedural generation is too slight, and is marred with grammatical and textual problems. 2/10.



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