A Final Grind

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A choice based dungeon crawler with combat, this game places you in the position of a mercenary hired to find the Duke’s son in a mine crawling with goblins. Unfortunately, no sooner do you enter the mine than the entrance collapses leaving you on your own with various assorted nasties and a bunch of trapped miners.

What follows is a nicely written, but unfortunately somewhat broken roguelike game.

Very near the start I am faced with a safe which I try and crack, but then am thrown into combat mode, and after I win – the game presents me with a screen with a broken link, and I have to refresh the screen and start over. The problem is I am unsure whether I need what’s in the safe to complete the game. I persevere.

The encounter system is interesting. I can attack, parry or use magic.

Parry is odd. When the player tries to parry, you are required to answer a math question. “What is the first derivative of cos(x).’ Sheesh. I don’t know. This is the second game that has presented mathy stuff to me as a mechanism for resolving situations, the other being the Adventures of Fido. I don’t like it – I’m sorry. It takes me out of the world. It’s inelegant. It doesn’t feel overly inclusive. There must be a better way.

The game says that parry is a work in progress. It is – I challenge anyone to work out 13% of 103 in 10 seconds. (It’s 13.39. I cheated.).

Random encounters are very very frequent. It does get rather wearing.At one point I think I am stuck in a loop as I have an encounter, level up, have another encounter, level up, have another encounter. Fortunately, then I drop out of it.

Now I find a shovel, but on picking it up it doesn’t appear in my inventory, and I can’t do anything with the cave in. Frustrating. Further in, and error messages start appearing in the text.

I give in. Unfortunately, I do think this game needs a lot more work before it’s fully playable. It’s definitely a work in progress – however, I will say that the text is very nicely written – I hope this is cleaned up and re-released. 2/10.




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