Shackles of Control

cover (6)

Very similar in scope and tone (and text to be honest) to the Stanley Parable, Shackles is a very short, re-playable choice game with many endings. I played through a dozen or so times.

The Stanley Parable is one of my favorite short game experiences and the similarities of the two games is hard to ignore. I had a look at some of the other comments online and it’s not just me. However, this game just about stands on its own feet. Just.

Set in a school in which everyone has disappeared, the narrator is given the immediate task of finding out where everyone has got to – cue a series of short surreal experiences in which the role of the narrator and the player, the illusion of freedom of control, and subversion of free will are all up front and center.

Most of the play through’s are very short – I never found a path through the game that took longer than 10 minutes. 3/10.

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