I.A.G. Alpha

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Truly meta, in the best possible sense, this little puzzly choice game is a delight. It is anything but incomplete, this game. It is a completely polished little gem.

As Anton, a low level employee of the Institute of Advanced Genomics, you are on your way into the office when the plot really kicks off. We don’t know what’s really going on of course, because according to the author “…the introduction is too long…and I don’t want you to get bored…”.

The author has a role to play in this story. It’s difficult to talk about without giving away significant narrative surprises, but suffice to say that author (as given in the text) leads our expectations of the game, and may or may not have an agenda all of their own.

The interface of this implementation is worth mentioning. Objects can be linked to other objects – the things displayed on the screen depending on the context. It’s all very pleasing and easy to use.

What we are meant to think is an oversight by the author, the ‘Debugger’ command in the top right of the screen, becomes the core puzzle solving mechanism. We are invited to change the very code of the game itself, and the code of objects contains all the clues of what you need to do. It starts out simple, but gets more and more involved. It is an exceptionally well realized puzzle system.

The only ding this game gets is for its length. I’m thoroughly enjoying it, then it ends. I do get it though – this must have taken quite a bit of implementing. 9/10.


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