Nightmare Adventure

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Ugh – my Anti Virus really doesn’t like this one. “TextAdventure.exe is not safe and has been removed.” I guess I could get around this, but it feels more like I should pop a review placeholder in place and return to it later in the comp to see if anything has changed.

It’s a shame, as this game has quite an enticing blurb. It looks fun.

I’m not entirely sure whether I would recommend to anyone to release a stand alone executable as a comp entry. One of the key characteristics modern Anti Virus software look for is ‘prevalence/reputation’ – in other words it’s very very difficult to get your .exe marked as safe if it’s only just starting to be accessed now. It’s a problem for small software houses, let alone private individuals and it’s only gonna get worse.

I hope the authors sort this out. Marked for a revisit later in the comp. Unscored.



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