Intermission #1

OK – so readers might have noticed that reviews have been going up at a pace over the last couple of days – that’s simply because I’ve been playing the games since day 1 of the comp and have only just got around to writing up my notes. From this point on, I’m all caught up and things are going to slow down. Significantly.

One of the things that is becoming apparent is that I’m really struggling with some of the parser games – in any competition over the years, I’ve usually been able to get through at least a couple of parser games in the time frame without resorting to the walkthru.

This year I’ve failed so far to do even that. I am worried that my review of the Mouse who Woke Up for Christmas could be seen as unfair – is marking a game down for my own lack of ability at some puzzles in any way fair? I don’t know. Maybe I’m just super bad at parser games and shouldn’t be allowed out.

I’m hoping that my personal shuffle has just thrown me into the deep end – maybe some of the later games might be easier for me.

I’ve also been skimming some of the games to come – I’m excited by a few of them and it’s also heartening that there are a whole bunch of platforms represented this year – quite a smorgasbord. I may group the Adrift games together and leave till last as it seems like, from some of the comments over on intfiction that these might be awkward to get running.

I was particularly impressed so far by the mechanics of Erstwhile – that can’t have been an easy thing to implement so solidly in Twine, and the Dialog platform that supports Tethered is exciting. I’ve never been a fan of Texture as a game platform – it’s not that I don’t like drag and drop – it’s just that I haven’t yet seen a game that really takes Texture’s core mechanic and does something amazing with it – something that warrants dragging rather than clicking – I hope that the texture games this year change my mind. One of them is up next.



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