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Spoilers ahoy. I recommend you play this game before you read this review.

A very short choice game. I played through three times – each play through was about 10 minutes or so.

You play as William, lead scientist on an AI project which is being shut down for some unknown reason – maybe public antipathy toward AI’s. The AI that has been created, Anna, is currently being imprisoned and mistreated – the text implies that ‘her kind’ is no longer tolerated. It looks as though we are being set up for a longer hard boiled all-action thriller – William and his girlfriend Sarah escape (or don’t) the building with proof. Of something.

As Part 1 of a much longer work, this leaves too much unexplored and unexplained. We are introduced to concepts of Rings, Fragments, AI, a longer plot. Something has gone wrong – but even at the end we have no idea what or why, or any resolution.

From the blurb, this is the author’s first work. It definitely does show promise – there are the beginnings of a plot there. But there needs to be more agency and choice. In addition, I would urge the author to reconsider some aspects of the violence against Anna in the story – it made me uncomfortable.

I hope that this is built on and progresses, but through the lens of the IFComp, this game is not yet there. 2/10



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