IFComp 2018 reviews


I’m going to put some reviews here (I may at some point do-over the site, but don’t count on it.). I’ll try and review as many as possible, but life may get in the way. I’ve been out of it for a couple of years mainly due to work pressure, but I started on my own IF game a few months ago and totally failed to get it done in time for the competition. Oh, well. I’m still excited to be back in the fold and, at least contributing in some way.

For parser games, my lenses are good writing, solid world building, strong implementation, and if puzzles there are, puzzles that don’t require me to read the author’s mind.

For choice games, all of the above apply of course, but also agency. In other words, do my choices make a difference to the narrative. Am I, as the player, involved in both affecting and creating this narrative. This is a big deal for me, personally. A linear narrative pushed along with minimal choice or agency might be beautifully written, but I’m playing these games as Interactive Fiction.

I don’t really have any credentials as a reviewer – these capsules will be more thoughts around the game – probably unstructured, but, speaking as an author of interactive fiction, I found every review I read to be useful in some way. I hope that any criticism I give will be taken as it was intended – constructively.

Hmmm…..my own personal shuffle has throw up ‘Erstwhile‘ as the first game. I’m excited to get started……




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