Dungeon Detective

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As Sniff Chewpaw, gnoll and dungeon detective, you have been hired by the dragon Hargurrath to find out who has ransacked his dungeon and stolen some of his precious things. The resulting game is an immensely likable choice based dungeon crawler/investigation. I enjoyed it.

The core mechanics of the game are simple. We wander through this dungeon, searching various items for clues. Once we have the clues, the game asks us questions about the perps, which we can answer based on our knowledge of the game. I’ve played through twice, the second time, I took up the proffered offer of help the dragon had warned me against. It does offer a different experience.

Sniff is an extremely likeable individual. The game, while light and relatively short, is quite nicely written – Sniff’s voice, like the protagonist of Lost Pig, is consistently applied through the text. At one point, we are joined by a companion who also has a unique voice.

There seems to be a gentle sub-text here about tolerance and bigotry. But this is done very lightly and only touched on in the text. Humans don’t come out of this well. Sniff has worked for most of the different races in this world. At one point he hope that one day he might ‘work for a human, but that hasn’t happened, yet.’.

This is not a big, complex game, but what it aims for – a light, comic quest with a likeable central character- it hits. I hope this will become a series. I would like to see more of Sniff. 7/10.



One thought on “Dungeon Detective

  1. Hey McT, thanks for the review! I’m glad you enjoyed it, and I hope to write more.

    By the way, there are two different companions you can have with you – or none at all – throughout the game.

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